Your well-behaved dog is welcome here at the Cedar Crest Inn. We’ve put together a few simple guidelines to ensure that you and your pet, along with our other guests, have an enjoyable stay.

  • Please do not leave Fido alone in your room. He’ll just miss you like crazy, and he’ll probably let the rest of our guests know by barking away his sadness! Besides, our housekeepers cannot enter your room without you if Fido’s there…and you wouldn’t want to wake up the next morning with no in-room coffee supplies, would you?
  • As comfortable as the beds and furniture look, please do not allow Fido on the furniture. We’ve provided an extra-comfy dog bed perfect for canine snoozing.
  • A clean pooch is a happy pooch…but please give Fido his bath at home, not in your room’s bathtub. Hard to believe this is actually an issue, but experience has proven that cleaning a hairy, smelly bathtub does not make for happy innkeepers!
  • In the interest of the bottom of everybody’s shoes, please pick up after Fido has done his business. We’ve provided doggy bags to make it easy, and there are trash barrels on each walkway for the disposal of Fido’s little presents.
  • For the most part, Fido may have the run of our property. Anywhere there’s grass, he’s welcome to play. We only ask that you dress Fido up with his best leash so you’ll have him under your control. It’s hard to believe, but some people aren’t as fond of dogs as we are!
  • The only places off-limits to Fido are the pool area, the pool itself, and in the breakfast room. The Health Department folks are the bad guys here…we’re guessing they’re just not dog-lovers, eh?

Please request a copy of our Cedar Crest Inn Dog Policy for complete information.